Ship Yourself - Body Soap

Ship Yourself - Body Soap


Ever wanted to ship yourself with your favourite fictional boyfriend or girlfriend? Well now you can!

Select from over 50 fragrances for your own personal soap to be shipped with your selected fictional lover, along with colours, designs and pick your own ship name.

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Please choose carefully as I do not accept changes after your soap has been purchased. Please make sure to include as much detail as possible regarding your scent/design/label design as I will not be communicating these prior to completing and sending.

Note. When filling out the form, all of the options you need to fill out are for your half of the soap. The first question is to choose an existing Book Boyfriend/Girlfriend that I already have in my store, this will be the same scent/design etc as what is currently in my store.

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Fragrances to choose from:

Forest                                                   Turkish Delight
Chocolate Brownie                              Pine
Oakmoss and Amber                           Citrus (Lemon, Orange, Mandarin)
Musk                                                     Persimmon
Linen                                                    Gardenia
Raspberry                                            Bubblegum
Butterscotch                                        Velvet Rose
Lily                                                       Rain
Ocean                                                  Almond Milk
Orchid                                                  Peppercorn
Peppermint                                         Chamomile & Grapefruit
Paper                                                   Lemon Verbena
Grass                                                   Mint & Lime
Honeysuckle                                       Sandalwood
Strawberry                                          Rum
Lavender                                             Campfire (literally, just like a Campfire)
Frosted Berries                                   Lilac
Jasmine                                              Caramel Pear
Pomegranate                                      Tobacco
Burnt Sugar                                        Vanilla Cashmere (warm and floral)
Sage                                                   Amber & Cardamom
Black Mint                                           Leather
Tulip                                                    Mahogany
Autumn Spice                                     Bluebell
Mulled Wine                                        Black Tea
Fresh Coffee