Listed below are the descriptions for all scents in my range. These descriptions are the same as the descriptions listed in the Scent Quiz.

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Summer and Cheap Shampoo

Adam smells like a fresh summer morning after you've just hopped out of the shower. Don't be turned off by the 'Cheap Shampoo' scent, this particular scent smells a freshly cleaned barber shop, then throw the 'Summer' scent on top and you've got yourself a really clean and summery scent (you can kinda smell lollies in it as well)


Winter Forest

Aedion is a crisp, fresh winter scent. The 'Oakmoss' and 'Amber' scents gives it a really light wood scent while the 'Snow' scent smooths it all out and brings a freshness to the entire scent. It makes you feel like you've been walking through a forest in the snow. It's the perfect scent for those who like light wood scents that aren't too heavy yet still got that wood smell.


**Mint, Smoke, Cardamom & Amber

Imagine yourself inside the galaxy room with Amar. This scent is smoky and seductive, yet a teensy bit minty. The Cardamom and Amber give it a spicy and light woody scent, while the Smoke scent makes it really masculine. Plus the little hint of mint give it a slightly fresh and lighter scent, then adding in a little of the Nag Champa brings it all together and makes it a really seductive scent.


Paper, Lattes & Wood

Smell like the Bibliophile you are with this warm and relaxing scent. This is my warmest and one of the most soothing scents, with 'Warm Perique Tabac' giving it that warm woody scent, combined with 'Paperwhite' and 'Clementine' for a freshness and then the 'Almond Milk' on top rounds all these scents together and smooths them out to make it a super warm and highly addictive scent. When you smell this scent, you instantly can imagine yourself relaxing into a good book.


Old Spice, Sage, Rosemary & Persimon

One of the most unique scents in the range, Brimstone's Shop smells like those strange little hidden stores you randomly come across filled with random and different little things. It's a strangely sweet and spicy scent that smells a little strange at first, but when you keep smelling it, it really grows on you and becomes strangely addictive. With every whiff, you smell a new layer of the scent and it makes you keep going back and smelling it. The 'Old Spice' and Rosemary' scents give it that really unique scent while the 'Sage' and 'Persimon' scents give it that sweet kick that it needs to boost the scent and combine everything together. There is also just that teeny tiny hint of 'Mint' that you can hardly smell, but also gives it a new depth every time you take a whiff.


Rose, Mulled Wine, Raspberry & Sage

Just like the legendary game of Caraval, you will get lost in this scent from the very first sniff. This scent is highly addictive and is really perfect for lovers of Rose scents. The 'Cassis Rose' and 'Mulled Wine' scents are the real heroes in this Caraval scent and make a really bold and intoxicating scent, while the 'Ripened Raspberry' and 'Sage Flower' scents really mellow it all out and give it that sweet spot that it needs to counteract the 'Cassis Rose' and 'Mulled Wine'.


Lemon Verbena Fire

If you're after a kick arse scent with lots of fire and sweetness, Celaena is perfect for you. The 'Lemon Verbena' is the real hero to this scent and is really pungent and strong, while the 'Jasmine' and 'Fire' scents just take it up a notch and make it as bad arse as you can imagine Celaena being. Then the 'Vanilla' and 'Cashmere' scents (while being a little nod to Chaol) rounds it all out and stops it from being too harsh, showing that Celaena has a soft side under that hard exterior.


Hay, Vanilla & Cashmere

Another super warm scent is Chaol! While the Bibliophile scent is warm and woody, Chaol's scent is a floral and vanilla warm. Don't be fooled by the 'Hay' scent, it's a really clean and uplifting scent that's really subtle and makes the 'Vanilla' and 'Cashmere' scents really shine together. Every time you smell this scent, you'll instantly imagine cuddling with Chaol.


Violet Sugar Petals, Vanilla, Lavender & Peony

The best way to describe Cress' scent is that it is a unique musky feminine scent. The 'Lavender' and 'Peony' scents give off a really bright floral scent, while the 'Vanilla', 'Mandarin', 'Bergamont' and 'Violet Sugar Petals' vamp it up with sweetness and musk to make this scent a real showstopper and completely unique, just like Cress.


Sweet Leather & Aftershave

If you're after a super sweet masculine scent look no further than Dimitri. The 'Leather' is the base of this scent, while the 'Aftershave' scent gives it the sweetness, not to forget the hint of 'Scotch Pine' scent to really give it more masculinity. Dimitri is that heady, masculine scent that you imagine a polished and intoxicating man would smell.


Hay & Amber Moss

Get ready to relax! Dorian is the most relaxing, calm and soothing scent in the entire range. Using this scent before bed is a must to have the perfect night sleep, you'll be oozing relaxation. Don't be fooled by the 'Hay' scent, it's a really clean and uplifting scent that's really subtle, making the warm yet fresh and slightly sweet 'Amber Moss' and 'Teak' scents come together. Can you imagine yourself lounging around and reading all day with Dorian yet?


Forbidden Forest, Broomsticks & Peppermint

Slightly sharp and masculine while being a sophisticated woody scent with that little hint of peppermint, smells like walking through a forest just after it's rained. The 'Oakmoss' and 'Amber' scents really give it that magical woodsy smell, while the 'Satin' and 'Peppermint' scents show off the aristocracy of Draco's Slytherin house.


Spice & Rain

A sweet, spicy and light scent leaves you feeling energized and refreshed as soon as you've smelt this scent. The 'Spice' scent really brings together scents like Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg and Ginger into one, then adding on top the 'Rain' scent gives the spice a refreshing burst that brings out a touch of sweetness yet still leaves that spice kick.


Berries & Cinnamon

The perfect combination of sweet sugary berries, with a kick of spicy cinnamon. This scent smells like Berry flavoured lollies with a touch of Cinnamon. A sickly sweet scent, it's a pungent berry smell that sticks with you for a while after you've smelt it. The 'Frosted Berries' give it that iconic Berry flavoured smell, while the 'Violet Leaves' breaks it up with a floral note and then the 'Cinnamon' gives it that hint of spice to really take this scent to a new level; don't forget about a hint of 'Vanilla' to round out the entire scent and stops it from being too harsh.


Forests, Jasmine & Citrus

A similar scent to Rhysand, Feyre is a lot more feminine and cooler than Rhys' scent. The main scent is the 'Oakmoss' and 'Amber' scents that give it that calm winter woodsy scent, while the 'Jasmine' makes the scent more feminine as well as keeps it smelling frosty. Plus, the 'Citrus' scent is most importantly a tie to Rhysand, it gives this scent more depth so the Jasmine isn't too overpowering the Forest scents. This scent isn't too strong, yet it isn't a particularly light scent either, which makes it the perfect scent to want to smell all day without getting sick of.


Lime & Mint

This scent smells exactly as the scent name: Lime and Mint. This scent smells like the Spearmint Leaves lolly with a strong 'Mint' scent, combined with the 'Lime' makes it lighter so it isn't too harsh. Then on top of that is a teensy hint of 'Peppermint' to give it that extra kick. This scent is perfect for winter months or when you've got a cold/flu to unblock the nose, or just if you wanted a 'spring cleaning' scent.


Rum, Mahogany & Tobacco

Don't be fooled, while this is an extremely masculine scent, it smells just like that sumptuous man you can't help but keep on thinking about from your fave books. This scent is very rich and rugged yet smooth, while being extremely addicting. The 'Rum' scent gives it a little sweet yet rich scent that rounds out the 'Spiced Mahogany' and 'Tobacco', which also give it it's defining masculine scent. The perfect scent to get lost in.


Smoke & Burnt Sugar

Every time I think of this scent, I can't help but imagine using the torch to burn the sugar on top of a Crème brûlée. As soon as you smell this scent, you can smell the particular kind of smokey scent that belongs to a Campfire, and as soon as you take a second smell, you can smell the caramelizing of sugar being burnt. This scent is a winner for those who love sickly sweet scents that aren't too strong or too light, and smokey scents in general.


Cloves & Salt

A very light and complex scent, Julian is for those who love subtle scents that smell clean yet has a hidden depth to it. The 'Ocean' scent is the base for this scent and really ties together the addition of 'Cloves' with a hint of 'Sandalwood' to give this scent a little complexity without being overwhelmed with spice or wood. These two scents are in the background and just highlight the clean and fresh 'Ocean' scent without making it overbearing.



Katniss' scent is like stumbling into a deep, dark, mysterious forest. The 'Forest' scent gives it a dark woodsy scent with that hint of 'Raspberries' that stops it from being just a woody scent and makes it feel more alive and a little sweet. You can just imagine Katniss running through the forest during the very first Hunger Games. Some of the woods that make up the 'Forest' scent include Pine Bark, Fir Needle and Earthy Fresh Soil.


Tobacco, Vanilla & Leather

A strong combination of Tobacco and Leather give Kaz a real masculine scent that also smells slightly metallic. A dark and heady scent, that is completely addictive and intoxicating, to make you feel like you're walking the streets with Kaz. The 'Tobacco' and 'Leather' scents really complement each other to give this scent a dark yet slightly sweet smell, while the 'Vanilla' stops it from getting too strong and refines the scent combination.


Sandalwood & Sunshine

Just like a hot desert after the sun is starting to set, this scent is bright and refreshing as well as having that classic Sandalwood scent. A very strong scent, yet not one that is too overbearing, Khalid's scent is perfect for lovers of Sandalwood scents. The 'Sandalwood' scent is the main part of this scent and is very distinct, yet adding on top the 'Sunset' scent mellows it out a little and freshens up the strong sandalwood scent.


Satin, Rouge & Cinnamon

A hard scent to accurately describe, Lorcan purely smells dark and seductive. This is a scent for those who don't want a really strong masculine scent, and just something that is inciting and addictive. The 'Cinnamon' scent gives Lorcan a really subtle spice scent, along with the 'Satin', 'Rouge' and 'Vanilla' scents give it a light yet warm feeling smooth scent.


Jasmine, Lavender & Incense

Nothing is ever quite like the infamous Magnus Bane. Everyone's favourite warlock puts you under a spell as soon as you take a whiff of his scent, it's 100% calming and soothing, yet gives you that slightly exotic and mysterious side as well. The 'Spice' scent is very subtle and really blends well with the 'Jasmine' and 'Lavender' scents, to smooth it all out and give it that otherworldly smell.


Sandalwood & Rose

This scent smells exactly like the scent name, Sandalwood and Rose. It's a exotic blend of two scents that fit perfectly with each other and give a spicy yet light scent to Magnus. The 'Sandalwood' scent is particularly strong and is very distinct, yet the 'Rose' scent freshens it up and slightly gives off that classic rose scent.


Blood, Wind & Iron Teeth

A sharp, metallic and completely unique scent, Manon is for the risk takers and those who just want to completely slay. The 'Fire' and 'Dragons Blood' scents combined together give it that really unique and distinct scent, while the 'Amber Moss', 'Teak', and 'Rain Water' stop it from being too harsh and overpowering as well as gives it a earthy and slightly fresh top scent.. The whole scent gives off a eucalyptus vibe, and the 'Dragons Blood' scent contains traces of Blood Orange, Amber, Incense and Grapefruit.


**Mint, Nag Champa, Neroli & Ylang Ylang

Sweet and floral, Maya smells like a floral Indian perfume. Maya smells just like she's been walking through the streets of the Night Bazzar. The Neroli and Ylang Ylang give it that sweet floral scent, while the Mint makes the scent fresh and light. The addition of the Nag Champa blends both of these together and give it that Indian scent that really brings it all together while using traditional Indian scents.


Mountain Peaks & Vengeance

Don't be fooled by seeing the word Vengeance, this is actually a really unique fresh yet warm scent that reminds you of being high up in the mountains with the wind blowing over you. The 'Driftwood' scent is a particularly light woody smell, then adding onto that a little bit of 'Musk' for depth and finishing the scent off with 'Mountain Wood' to really capture that mountain landscape scent.


Cloves, Tobacco & Strawberries

As soon as I smell Mia, all I can think of is Bubblegum. With a particularly sweet yet dark and intoxicating scent, Mia is spicy and addictive. The 'Cloves' and 'Tobacco' give a spice kick as well as a smokey and dark scent, while the addition of the 'Strawberries' freshens it up a little to make it not so harsh (and not to give it that masculine smell). Finally, the addition of the 'Vanilla' smooths out the entire scent but still allows for that spice and rich tobacco scent to come through.


Dreams, Grass & Smoke

Imagine yourself laying down outside in the grass at sunset among all the flowers, just after it's been raining; that's what Paige smells like, super fresh and a little sweet and super smooth with a summer/spring floral addition. The 'Bamboo Grass', 'Dreams' and 'Singapore Orchid' scents give Paige and summery and super fresh floral smell, while the addition of the 'Embers' scent gives it a little fiery kick that isn't too harsh and overpowering.


Ocean Air

No underlying scents here, Percy smells exactly like a salty and fresh ocean breeze. You can just imagine yourself at the beach and swimming in the ocean. With only the 'Ocean Air' scent, it gives a pure ocean scent and as soon as you smell it, transports you to the beach.


Citrus & Jasmine

A fresh and citrusy scent with a mix of floral jasmine makes this a perfect scent for lovers of Jasmine and/or Citrus scents. The 'Jasmine' scent is powerful and strong and gives a deep base to this scent, while the 'Citrus' scent on top provides it with that fresh burst that is needed and brings out the Jasmine's floral note.


Pine & Snow

A particularly fresh and light winter scent, Rowan smells just like he's been flying through a pine forest in the middle of winter. The 'Scotch Pine' scent is light and particularly fresh, while the addition of the 'Snow' scent smooths it out while still leaving that slightly sharp Pine scent and giving it that wintery feel.


Lavender, Grass & Rose

The freshest and lightest scent in my entire scent range. If you're after something that's soothing, yet really subtle and light in scent, you should definitely give Warden a try. It smells like you're walking through a field/garden/meadow on a crisp spring morning. The combination of the 'Lavender' and 'Rose' give it that floral scent that really brings a springtime feel, then the addition of the 'Bamboo Grass' just adds to that as well as provides that burst of freshness.


Gardenia, Honeysuckle & Peppermint

Nothing says a springtime picnic like Warner's scent, just kick back, relax and imagine yourself there. Immediately, you can smell the combination of the 'Gardenia' and 'Honeysuckle' scents, which give it a really sweet floral scent that stands out, yet adding a touch of 'Peppermint' to this fragrance gives it that real springtime feel without smelling like just peppermint or being overpowering. This is a great scent for those who are very particular about their peppermint scents.


Smoke & Rain

A super spicy yet surprisingly fresh scent, Will smells just like you're at a bonfire/campfire and it's started to rain (or has finished raining). The 'Rain' scent gives it this subtle freshness and the 'Smoke' scent really gives it a whole new depth without being too strong, and overall, it's a slightly calming yet, yet still has that spicy and smokey kick.