Elian (To Kill a Kingdom) - Perfume

Elian (To Kill a Kingdom) - Perfume


“Elian doesn't just look at the stars, but he imagines them, too. He draws pictures of them in his mind, creating stories about gods and wars and the souls of explorers. He thinks about where his soul will go when he dies and if he will become part of the night.” - To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

Your favourite character will now be with you all day with this Roll On Perfume Oil. Roll some on your wrist for a scent that will last the entire day.

This Perfume is made from all natural ingredients and is perfect for sensitive skin.

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Contains: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Ocean Breeze, Liquorice, Mint and Blood Orange Fragrance Oils.

10 grams / 0.04 oz